Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Our little Welsh Cake!

Can't believe I got such a cute shot of my babies looking at each other. The poster says, "BARNEY BIKE CLUB HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY 14 NOV. 2014" It was suppose to say, "Happy Birthday to our new recruit but we ran out of room on our poster.

We are all super excited! I have been terribly sick but I have the best husband and kidlets one could ask for. Dev will bring me the pregnancy book and tell me about all the pictures and Liv will read to her brother and takes care of sweeping and doing dishes. They all try to cook and I stay far away from the kitchen when cooking is going on.

We don't know where we will be living when we have this little one. Travis is applying for jobs all over the world and I guess we will just put our faith and trust in the Lord that all will work out. We are counting our many blessings!!!