Monday, November 5, 2012

A hunting we will go

 WARNING: Pictures of dead animals, if you can't handle it read no further, or close your eyes during picture preview.

My husband had a good hunting season this year. He went with his brother in-law Wes, and Wes' dad and Olivia for the elk hunt up by the Barney cabin at Trapper Park (the cabin needs its own blog post soon to come).  Travis shot a nice elk that weekend and Wes and his dad came back the following weekend and Wes got a big elk also.

 They didn't get a pic of Travis after shooting his animal so Travis, Olivia and Devlin posed with the head.

A few weeks later Travis and his dad, Gary, and Liv went deer hunting. Travis shot himself a deer.

Gary and Travis washing up after cleaning the deer.

 Liv and Pop with the deer.

Liv, deer and Travis

After hunting last year Liv told Travis, "Next time you can look through the noculars and I can shoot the shoot gun." Olivia loves going out with the guys. (and she did not get to shoot but was a great spotter, that girl has eagle eyes and can spot an animal anywhere). I personally can't bring myself to go hunting but I enjoy some good elk meat. Devlin loves the deers and elks. He yells at them every time we see them. "DEER, DEER, DEER" which is why he doesn't get to go hunting yet, just spotting.

When we picked Liv up after hunting the elk I asked her what her favorite part about hunting is.
Liv, "Sleeping." (she fell asleep on the ground while Travis was cleaning the elk)

Then I asked her what the worst part about hunting was:
Liv, "the bubbly part" (I assume this is during the cleaning part, I can imagine that would be my least favorite part as well)

I asked her if Daddy did a good job hunting.
Liv, "Well, Daddy shot but it wasn't an important shot, then he shot again and it wasn't an important shot then he shot again and it was an important shot."  (no fish stories with kids around) *just to clarify Travis had banged his scope so it was off and missed hitting the elk 2 times and finally shot it the 3rd time

Travis told me that he was getting ready to cut the elk open to clean it out and Liv wanted to help so she held the elk's leg then just before he cut Olivia whispered to the elk, "Elk, my daddy's going to cut you open so breathe in and out very slowly."

It was a successful hunt and Travis gave most of the meat to people we know that needed it more than us. I love that man!

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Kristi said...

Nice!!! And that is really sweet to share with people that needed it!